Our Experiences

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An experience of a lifetime.

Every program with Valle Verde is a very unique space of growth. We create atmospheres that are different than everyday life, where the interaction is special and where new values are lived and new skills are developed. We work hard to achieve spaces of fun and discovery, and many unforgettable moments that make us grow and feel fullfilled. In Valle Verde we create experiences that enrich people's lives.


The Best Educational Complement.

Our Experiences for Schools and Groups include trips, camps, cultural tours, family experiences, labs and community involvement experiences. Through them, we create very special moments and out of the ordinary experiences, that complement in a very unique way the education that the participants have at their schools and homes.


Program according to the needs of participants.

Our programs adapt to the experience and maturity of each group, to satisfy their interests, skills and level of expertise. With all, each experience can be enjoyed at its maximum level. We have special activities and approaches depending on the age of the participants, whether they are children or teens.


      A History of Success

   Some Organizations that have enjoyed Valle Verde's Programs

  • British American School
  • Centro Educativo Cocoyoc
  • CEPI
  • Colegio Ámsterdam
  • Colegio Andes Irapuato
  • Colegio Argos Toluca
  • Colegio E. de Mazenod
  • Colegio Godwin
  • Colegio Green Hills Preparatoria
  • Colegio Green Hills Primaria
  • Colegio Green Hills Secundaria
  • Colegio María Montessori
  • Colegio Miraflores Cuernavaca
  • Colegio Motolinía Morelia
  • Colegio Princeton
  • Colegio Vista Hermosa
  • Comunidad Educativa León Felipe
  • Comunidad Educativa Montessori
  • Fernando R. Rodríguez
  • Grupo de Integración Montessori
  • Instituto Kipling Irapuato
  • Instituto Piaget Morelia
  • Instituto Tlalpan
  • ITYC
  • Khépani Morelia
  • La Casa del Niño del Pedregal
  • Luis Pasteur
  • Modern American School
  • Montessori de Pachuca
  • Montessori del Pedregal
  • Secundaria TEC Irapuato
  • Tomás Moro
  • UNIS New York