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Camp is an integral part of a child's educational process.

Recreational Education.

We've developed our programs and philosophy carefully over the years with the knowledge that camp is an integral part of a child's educational process. Consequently, every facet of camp life contributes positively to your child's learning experience. Self-confidence and personal integrity are fostered through group living experiences, playing cooperatively on teams, learning new skills, associating with fine counselor role models; athletic and other useful skills are developed through our diverse, extensive activities program and the expert, sensitive instruction of our staff.



Structure and Balance.

Each day at camp is packed with a wide range of activities for every camper's interest. We provide a structured balance among different type of activities including sports, hobbies, recreational, social, skill training, pioneering and arts activities.

Our campers enjoy structured programs as they generally move with their age group to and from activities - this gives each camper the chance to enjoy a well-rounded program. Weekly optional periods (clubs) are also built into the schedule. A daily “structured free time” period adds great variety to the camp routine and allows each kid to choose his favorites from different activities that the counselors create.

According to needs.

Valle Verde's activity programs are carefully designed to meet the special interests and needs of each group. These programs have many similarities but vary greatly in the focus, frequency, duration and intensity of activities, and in the degree of choice allowed for the campers.

Our program includes activities of different intensity levels, but in a continuous way. The activities go from 8 am until 10 pm. Thus, the program is very agile, wich contributes to the safety in every moment.



Instruction & Supervision

Instructors and Trainers always focus on the positive, fun aspects of learning, enabling each camper to enjoy the instruction and develop in both ability and self-confidence.

Games are well organized and carefully supervised by counselors who are highly competent and sensitive to the emotional needs of the children. Games are taken seriously, but full participation, fun, effort and good sportsmanship are stressed over merely winning.

Camp Valle Verde has one staff member for every four campers.


Camp Organization

Cabin Teams, Camp Sections and Communitiy.

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A Day at Valle Verde

Awesome activities and unforgettable moments.

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