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PRO: Great Adventure and Strong Friendship.

For Teens ages 14 to 17.

In Valle Verde we have a program specially designed for teens ages 14 to 17. With this program we know you are going to enjoy everything that Valle Verde has to offer, but with a different perspective and with people your age.

Hundreds of young men and women that have been a part of our camps are convinced that besides having incredible fun, you will learn a lot, and meet many great friends. Our Valle Verde PRO Teen Camp is an experience that you will hardly forget.

General Information
  • Valle Verde PRO

    Duration: 6 - 8 days

    Site: Ticumán


    14 to 17 years old

Dates and Fees

Your Involvement.

The PRO Program is structured in a way that your initiative has a very important role, and the posibilities you have to choose are bigger. Your participation in the camp must be a personal decision, and you must be excited about the experience where opennes and freedom are a must.

Attitude and Skill Development.

You will have the opportunity to discover new interests and to develop skills that you didn't know you could. The camp program will help your self esteem, independence, making decisions, opinion expression, commitment, leadership, respect and responsibility. It is important to set your own goals when you participate in the camp, so that you are motivated and your participation has the amount of challenge that is right for you.

Healthy Environment.

To have a healthy environment that promotes growth there are some important guidelines that you must respect: the use or possession of alcohol or drugs is not permitted at camp, and campers must understand and obey all rules issued by camp management. We also expect campers to participate in the total life of camp and to co-exist in a cooperative spirit.


People like You

In Valle Verde you will meet people your age, with interests like you, and with differences that make the experience much more special, because each individual has something to share. The young men and women that attend the camp are looking for opportunities to be better and develop themselves, they enjoy what they do and they take the best from each experience.

Special Friends

The camp will give you many opportunities for fun and learning, but it also will be an excellent space for the creation of friendship ties. The interaction is very deep, the moments are very special and people can be who they are, in a way that the relationships that develop are deep and sincere.

The Group Experience

The work and learning that happen in the group make the Camp a very enriching experience, specially when the environment is healthy and fun. Through your participation and commitment you will live many values like teamwork, trust, colaboration, respect and tolerance.

The Counseling Team

The program and activites are leaded by our counseling team: enthusiastic leaders that give an example of responsibility and commitment, share with you the experience of camp, and create special moments and full of emotions.