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Valle Verde: leaders in Camps and Experiences.

Camp Valle Verde began operating as a Summer Camp in 1987. For more than 20 years we have offered great camping experiences for boys, girls and young people from Mexico and other countries.

Hundreds of opportunities to grow.

In a safe, secure, positive and nurturing environment, kids and teens have the opportunity to develop and learn important life skills through a wide variety of activities and experiences. At Camp Valle Verde, children grow as individuals, have fun, make new friends, and learn new things. It is a unique, character building experience that will produce life-long camp memories.

The best educational complement.

We know that family and school are the main agents of education. But we also believe that the Camp Valle Verde experience is the best educational complement kids and teens can have.


   Comments about VV
  • Verónica Alamillo

    School Principal and Mother of 2 campers.

    "Valle Verde is, without a doubt, the best option when choosing a Camp."

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Valle Verde Today

Camp Valle Verde is proud of its history of unparalleled success - a deep source of wisdom and experience. We've made more than 400 camps, with more than 25,000 young participants.

Camp Valle Verde has consistently proven its ability to adapt to inevitable changes over time and to improve its program to bring your child the best camping experience you'll find in Mexico.

Since 1998, Camp Valle Verde is a member of the Mexican Camp Association.

Valle Verde as a Camp is part of the International Camping Fellowship. We participate in different Congresses and events, and in the creation of a Camp Culture in Mexico.